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The temple has its humble origin initiated by the Viswakarma community of this village catering the aspirations of the local villagers when they began to celebrate Navarathiri festival.Even now the temple which is in the heart of the village could not boast of magnificent structure or towering tower.However the scale of celebration of dasara competes with that of Mysore notwithstanding the lack of endowment and it is patronised by the devotees on their own volition.During this occasion the dormant village comes to life with fanfare.The climax of the festivity is Vijayadhasami day when slaying of the demon Mahishasooran is performed by Devi Mutharamman on the shores ofthis village symbolising that Dharma up roots ADHARMA AND IT IS WITNESSED BY MORE THAN ONE MILLION PEOPLE.

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The twelve day celebration begins on the new moon day Tamil month Puratasi(Sept-Oct)when Sakthi assumes the form of Kali ;takes vow to eliminate the demon.So also the devotees.Hence they observe fasting and go house after house begging almsto offer the collection to the temple.For this they assume various forms of their choice and roam around to fulfill the vow.

Mutharamman Kovil Kodai Festival

Kodai means “Charity”. This Kodai Festival is celebrated in order to thank our Goddess Mutharamman, for the wealth, which she had given to us.

This festival is celebrated during the Third Tuesday of the Tamil Month Aadi and will be celebrated takes three days including Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The function starts with Maakaappu on the evening of Monday followed by traditional folk dances and Villupattu.

Tuesday is the main day of the funtion, which begins with Palkudam and thee chatties by the devotees followed with a special abhishekam to our Goddess. Around 12 Noon a Pooja will be conducted and then the Kumbam will be taken to the streets for the people view and to have the Goddess blessings. In the evening a Molai pooja will be performed and after the pooja the Kumbam once again goes to the street as well. At the end of the day Villupattu will be performed.

Wednesday is the last day of the function. The molai’s which have been used during the previous days pooja are taken by the small kids to the ocean and immersed. After the 12 0’ clock pooja the Kumbam will be taken into the streets for the peoples view and to have the Goddess blessings. The function ends with the Holy turmeric water bath, and special flower decoration for Goddess Mutharamman.



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